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Fiona Finer Space

Hi, I’m Fiona, founder of Finer Space. I hail from the fine island of Tasmania; I’m a fierce adventuress and lover of all things wild and free. My favourite colour is a deep dark shade of red, which incidentally reminds me of wine. I also value functional design rather highly (dresses with pockets, please). On a Sunday morning you will find me slowly devouring a story over a bottomless pot of tea. And, of course, I am a great appreciator of meaningful art and am endlessly grateful to our creatives for presenting the world to us through another lens.

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We may find this artistic lens to be at times confronting, it may be inspirational, sometimes fun and engaging, or perhaps it may feel familiar and real. Our lives are enriched and often better understood through great art. Accordingly, I firmly believe that everybody should feel that they can access, appreciate and acquire authentic artworks (just as everyone should feel that they can conveniently access a pocket). And this is the basis of why I wanted to create Finer Space.


Finer Space has a dual aim of: promoting the artworks and stories of emerging artists; and to provide a more inclusive and accessible avenue for people to purchase wonderful art.

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We are working with small Australian businesses and artisans who share our values to bring you a more sustainable, thoughtfully produced artwork.

So together let’s put a name to the artwork, a face to the name, develop an understanding of the process, and celebrate our artists and makers. Thank you for joining us, and enjoy the art!

And pockets, people. Please.