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Maggie Given

Hi, I’m Maggie. I’m a meditative runner, a natural wine aficionado and an admirer of classical music. I also never leave the house without one of my cameras in my bag, and am rarely without an accompanying notebook.

Creating art has always been an integral part of who I am and how I live, and I have found the camera to be an avenue through which I can tell stories, express and evoke emotions, and open up a visual dialogue. I rely on intuition when shooting photos, seeking to capture a moment naturally even if I am consciously composing elements within that particular shot. I mostly shoot with a 35mm film, using a Nikon Fm3a camera that was gifted to me by my grandmother. Having this connection with her through my camera is huge for me, and it no doubt influences my work in various ways.

Increasingly, I feel my work becoming part of a larger narrative that has to do with the flow of time, the beauty of natural light and the contrasts which unfold with shadows and space, and a deep sense of nostalgia for the quieter, simpler moments in life.

I find that these moments tend to occur in a space where the human and natural worlds intersect one another. Maybe this is why I constantly find myself chasing shadows around the city…

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Instagram: @magsgiven

Douglas Hagger

Hi, I’m Doug. I’m a cocktail connoisseur, a competent coffee inhaler, and a calm captive of exceptional cinematic experiences. The Life Aquatic changed my life and, aside from now owning at least three red beanies and a t-shirt bearing Bill Murray’s face printed repetitively, that elaborate and thoroughly designed film opened my eyes to appreciating films as a great source of inspiration to the way I conceive and construct my work.

My process in creating the arrangements that I then photograph is painstakingly slow, as I arrange and rearrange numerous tiny details to explore a concept that I’ll have in mind. I’ll often use everyday items that I source from around the place. The care that I position them and the bold colour I incorporate brings these old items from the common perception of their use to a new and perhaps more appreciated one, though retired now and grounded in stillness.

It is this process of finding the exact precision in a controlled studio environment that is why I do what I do - when creating and arranging I lose all track of time and awareness in what is going on around me. The outcome (my photos) is actually a by-product of this process, and sometimes I don’t even look for an outcome. So to me, the finished outcome is fundamentally a reminder of the process of creation.

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Instagram: @dhagger

Doug is also an absurdly talented freelance graphic designer, you can see more of his work here:

Website :


Kathryn Camm

Hi, I’m Kathryn, an aspiring vegan frequently haunted by dreams of lickin’ gelato under the Italian sun, after a glorious summer spent studying architecture in Rome. I normally have at least five books on the go at any one time (disappointingly I’ve only got four right now, so am open to suggestions), and am a rather talented dressmaker, specialising in Dark Mofo costumes.

Immersing myself in the process of creating my art (and Dark Mofo costumes) is an all-consuming activity - I will often spend eight hours straight drawing or stitching. The women in my family are by far the most influential to me in life and in my art. My mother and grandmothers have given me a great appreciation for the utilitarian within an arts practice, and the importance of acknowledging some of these ‘crafts’ as legitimate forms of art.

Utilising the skills that they passed on to me, I see my works as part of a larger narrative about women, their experience, and my own. I want to create an honest and open examination of pleasure and pain and the relationship these have to the feminine self. Women have always been portrayed as appealing and beautiful in art, but in reality we exist as a complex dichotomy, capable of immense pain as well as immense pleasure. The figures I depict aim to explore this conflict, and I hope that as you view my work you consider these more honest and profound aspects of the feminine.

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Instagram: kathryn_camm

Harriet Wilson

Hi, my name is Harriet. I’m originally from the North West Coast of Tasmania, now living in Hobart.

Hobart is a beautiful place and when I'm not in the studio I enjoy relaxing at my favourite pub, or walking around the tracks in Fern Tree below kunanyi/Mount Wellington. I also enjoy the quiet moments that accompany a cycle at the laundromat, and can often be found adding to my rather large collection of earrings through my frequent visits to the op shop.

My collection of drawings mostly consist of images that depict beauty, in-particular the flora and fauna of Australia. Drawing has always been a very natural outlet for me. I enjoy using drawing to simplify and make light in otherwise serious situations. Nothing in my drawn work is too loud, nor does it carry much conceptual weight. It is what it is; and I enjoy that freedom.

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Instagram: @hvawilson