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Peruse our artist’s beautiful works.

Sometimes there can be too much of a good thing – and even the most determined mind can dither between a photographic gleam or a painterly dream.

We want to make this as easy as possible for you. Less is more and time is of the essence - we've made a tightly curated selection of works available for you, and every single one of them is fabulous.

We like to keep things fresh and our artist’s creative juices flowing, so we’ll swap their works out for new ones every few months. Don’t sit on a favourite for too long!


Maggie Given


“Increasingly, I feel my work becoming part of a larger narrative that has to do with the flow of time, the beauty of natural light and the contrasts which unfold with shadows and space, and a deep sense of nostalgia for the quieter, simpler moments in life.”

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Harriet Wilson


“My collection of drawings mostly consist of images that depict beauty, in-particular the flora and fauna of Australia... Nothing in my drawn work is too loud, nor does it carry much conceptual weight. It is what it is; and I enjoy that freedom.”

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Douglas Hagger


“To me, the finished outcome is fundamentally a reminder of the process of creation.”

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Kathryn Camm

“I want to create an honest and open examination of pleasure and pain and the relationship these have to the feminine self.”

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