Caring ain't creepy

Paper and Printing

Printed on Hahnemühle (German) or Canson (French) fine art papers, depending on the medium of art. Both makers fall under the European Union environmental laws and regulations. Hanhnemühle in particular have high environmental standards, including recycling all waste and using wind, water and solar energy to power their electricity.

Artworks are printed with love and care by a small fine-art printing studio in Brunswick, Melbourne. They take care in ensuring there is as little paper wastage as possible and only use high quality products.


Your prints will arrive in strong, acid-free clear polypropylene sleeves or sheets. These sleeves keep the fragile printed area safe from dust, moisture, oils and other nasties that will have an adverse affect on your print. It’s a good idea to keep the print protected in these sleeves/sheets until it is framed. Polypropylene isn’t the most earth friendly material, and our printers have sourced the best quality sleeves they could find so that they can be reused and repurposed. Because we strive to avoid single-use items, each sleeve features a resealable adhesive strip. In addition, the bagside adhesive also prevents prints from getting stuck to the adhesive when they’re removed from the sleeve. 

We’ll pop the artwork in it’s sleeve into a strong kraft mailing tube so it arrives unscathed.


Buying from a small local business ensures your product incurs less emissions from freight than buying from an international source.

What you can do

Obviously, just about anything human-made that you buy new carries with it an environmental footprint. We take our environmental footprint very seriously, and will continue to try and improve the way we package and deliver our artworks to you. For your part, try to reuse any part of the packaging (it’s all of a very high quality) or hand it on to someone who could reuse it, and at the very least recycle what you can. We’re all in this together.