Hanging art in a rental property... + hanging alternatives


No holes in the wall allowed, hey… We’ve all been there! But there are ways to hang art without having to give up your bond.

  • Bluetack/tape/thumbtack it. Some lightweight pieces look great just as they are, or mixed in with framed pieces in a collective art wall setting.

  • Adhesive hooks. They can be peeled off when it’s time to move on.

  • Laminate it. If it’s a poster, a photo, or something not too valuable, then you could also consider getting it laminated to help protect against dust and spills, and use the ol’ bluetack/double-sided tape/wasabi tape/thumb-tack method of attaching it to a wall. There’s some great matt laminates available, and we’d go for these over the reflective sheen options.

  • Clip it. For lightweight pieces, slip a small nail or thumb tack into the wall, hang a bulldog or similar style clip from it, and clip the top of the artwork in.

  • Lean it. Don’t look past the old picture lean, either. Leaning framed works or canvases against a wall, either on the floor or on top of a shelf/mantel/bookcase can look great, especially if there are ‘properly’ hung works nearby. It’s got that effortlessly fabulous sniff about it.

Fiona Hagger