Hanging works together


Hanging numerous artworks together is a great way to create a statement art wall, and creating a home for all those smaller sized artworks that we often tend to have more of. They don’t have to be too matching, and in fact it often looks more effortlessly thrown together if they’re a bit different. If you’d like more of a sense of cohesiveness you can think about having a connecting theme, a reoccurring colour, or similar frames.

If you want to hang more than one, do so in odd numbers. This is an old interior designer’s trick when arranging things, as it looks more balanced. So think three, five, seven, nine..

If arranging numerous frames, it’s a good idea to have a bit of a plan before driving nails into the wall willy-nilly. You can lay the artworks out on the floor and arrange them until you’ve arrived at a aesthetically pleasing placement. Try to avoid a rigid grid of artwork, which can look a bit too… rigid.

A large statement artwork often looks fabulous on its own.

Fiona Hagger