How do I choose art?

First: The artwork

Generally, interesting and unique pieces of art will choose you. There will be some art that you connect deeply with on an emotional level, making your knees weak and your heart hammer. It may remind you of a period of your life, someone you love, an experience that you learned from, or of a cause that resonates with you. It may make you feel calm, or energised, or inspired. It may make you think big-picture and beyond your worldly-experiences, or remind you to appreciate the little things in life. It might simply just make you smile every time you look at it. For whatever reason, it will resonate with you.

Second: Art in your space

If you’ve found The One (the art, folks, not the human) and are wondering where to hang it, consider how the art makes you feel and then ponder upon your available spaces. Your bedroom, for example, may have a different vibe from your office or studio space. In this scenario, if your chosen One makes you feel calm and at peace, you may consider putting it in your bedroom (still talking about the art here, ahem). Alternatively, the piece that energises or inspires you might be perfectly placed in your work space.

Try not to go down the rabbit hole of getting too matchy with colours and themes. Like when you’re picking The One (human this time) aim to complement, not perfectly match. Why? Well, if you try realllly hard in creating your space, it will look too perfect, and thus artificial and uncomfortable. Trust your natural instincts; it definitely does not need to be perfectly matching to be a beautiful and meaningful space. Surround yourself with things (and humans) you love.

Third: Where did you get that from?

Consider sustainability. Who or where are you buying from? Buy sparingly, buy responsibly. Support artists, artisans, and small businesses. Reward those who use quality and sustainable practices. Have a story to your piece, and it will mean so much more to you.

Fiona Hagger