How high should I hang my art?


Think about how galleries and museums hang art - mostly it’s at eye level. Obviously not all eyes are created at the same level, so having the centre of the work at somewhere between 145cm - 150cm above floor level tends to work well. If you’ve got high ceilings, then works can be hung a tad higher.

If you’re hanging a collection of artworks, as discussed above, try and envisage them as being one big work, and hang them accordingly.

And if you’re hanging a larger piece of art above a piece of furniture - for example a bookshelf or couch, try and ensure that the bottom of the frame is hanging no higher than about 20-25cm above it. Doing so will create less of a visual separation-strain, and look more cohesive and tied-together.

For smaller pieces, they often look right at home when hung on a narrow stretch of wall, or alongside other smaller pieces. But if it’s a special favourite, disobey whatever anyone tells you and hang it where you want. It’s your space, after all!

Fiona Hagger