How do I know if the size of the print will suit my space?

If you’re unsure of how the print will look in your space, we have an easy way to test:

Take note of the size of your desired print (all our pieces list the size when you click on them, the two size options are displayed to the right of the work).

Fetch a measuring tape/tape measure, a light pencil or chalk, and some masking tape. Measure the print’s dimensions onto your desired wall. Use your pencil to lightly sketch a line at each end of the measurement.

Cover the outline with masking tape so that the masking tape effectively is the outline of the size of the print. Make sure that the tape is not too sticky, otherwise you risk pulling off old paint.

Stand back and see what you think. Our prints are offered in two different sizes, and you may find one is better suited to your space than the other. Depending on the work, we can sometimes offer custom sizes, so do get in touch to find out.

Fiona Hagger