What is 'good' art?

Hhhmmmm. We wanted to address this question, because it’s one that we’ve been asked a lot.

We would say that there’s no clear or definite answer to this one, as it is very much a subjective consideration.

Certainly, there are some very important elements that are often considered when judging a piece of art, such as: how original the concept and execution is; our knowledge of its era and meaning; and the level of artistry skill demonstrated. Beauty can also have a place in how we appreciate art - noting of course that beauty is another subjective concept.

As with anything human-made, there will of course be some pieces of art that are ‘better’ than others - better because they are more authentic, original, or expertly created (often a blend of all three). Exposing yourself to lots of different types and styles of art is a great way to develop a deeper appreciation for these elements.

But what will ultimately pull the artwork towards you, make you take a second glance, or leave you thinking about it will be largely down to how it makes you think or feel. And that will differ for everyone, as we all look through a slightly different lens tainted by experience, beliefs, and biases.

So find your own pieces, identify what it is you love about them, and appreciate them daily.