Why Art?

What is art? Why do we need art? What does it add to our lives?

Here are some of our thoughts and feelings about why we are so drawn to various forms of art, to help your ponder-juices begin to flow…

We love that art can serve as a reminder to us - of a meaningful time, place or person. Of who we really are, where we come from, of our own story. A reminder of what we aspire to and believe in. Of something that occurred and changed our path.

Art can challenge us to question our cultural and societal norms, as well as our pre-existing ideas and beliefs. It often challenges us to reconsider our day to day routine and our selfish habits.

Art creates dialogue. It creates a way for us to present our views to the world and define who we are. Art is an avenue to explore complex issues, avoided issues or those not even normally considered. Art creates empathy and understanding, and art creates aspiration and inspiration.

Art can engender an appreciation of beauty and harmony.

Art can make us feel nostalgic, warm, and calm. Or challenged, energised, and inspired. It brings us joy and can make our blood alite with passion, anger, grief. It awakens us.

Consider your favourite piece of art - what does it mean to you, and why are you so drawn to it?