Water Your Plants

Water Your Plants

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Harriet Wilson

“This work is a polite reminder to keep your green friends hydrated.”

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Finer Space’s 2 penny worth:

For an unforgivably long amount of time we’ve had hastily scrawled reminder post-it notes positioned around our home telling us to WATER PLANTS. So you can well imagine our joy at first seeing this superb piece, and we very much look forward to swapping out those notes with this beautiful and gentle reminder.

This work is a celebration of a simple act, and a reminder to slow down and appreciate the beauty of this daily habit. We love how Harriet has portrayed the shadows against the sunlit leaves. Her natural and unfussy line captures the essence of her subject perfectly, as always.

As plants increasingly become a treasured feature in our spaces, we’re sure that many will appreciate this piece.

Where we’d hang it:

While it makes perfect sense to hang this beauty where you’ll be reminded of your plants, it’s calming presence would also be well placed in a space devoid of plant life, to make up for that loss.

The technical details:

Harriet’s wonderful design has been printed on to Hahnemühle Photo Rag by professional artisans. This beaut museum quality archival paper has only a tiny bit of paperly texture to it, just enough to see if you look closely but not enough to detract from the detail of her work. It is of 308gsm and is comprised 100% of cotton. The inks used are fully archival Epson UltraChrome K3® pigment inks. They’re pretty special inks, and with the correct care this piece will last a lifetime.

 This here is a quality piece of artisan craft.


Your prints will arrive in strong, acid-free clear polypropylene sleeves or sheets. We’ll pop the artwork in it’s sleeve into a super-duper strong kraft mailing tube so that it survives it’s journey to you completely unscathed. For more info, see our Quality and Sustainability section.

We also include a card with the artist’s story, as well as their story behind your chosen artwork.

Upon receiving your print

Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling. There is likely to be a slight curl as it has been resting inside the postage tube. Gently unfurl. Keeping the print within it’s protective cover, you can carefully weigh each corner (for example, with a book), to help the curl straighten out.

When you do take the print out of it’s protective cover, touch only the edges of the paper, and lift the print by the opposite corners.

We do include a little ‘how to care for your print’ piece with every artwork, so if your piece is intended as a gift the lucky recipient will have guidance.

Wondering what to do next? See our Handy Tips page, and in particular our notes on ‘Where should I place my artwork?’, ‘To frame or not to frame?’, and ‘How high should I hang my work?’

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