The John Dory - 01


• A welcome • Introducing our artists • Helpful tips • The When • Where to from here.

Welcome to the first edition of the John Dory… and the launch of Finer Space! My name is Fiona, and I’ve been working hard alongside our artists and partners to deliver you of your art-buying angst. We know that the art world can often seem daunting and hard to access and navigate. But we also know that, like us, you greatly appreciate art.

We love having communities flourish with creatives and artists. We want art to be everywhere, and we want you to feel empowered to incorporate great art into your life.

So we’re here to help you wade through the noise and get involved. Easily accessed through our website, we’re providing you with a considered number of quality printed artworks, designed by some seriously talented Australian creatives.

To do this, we’re partnering with local makers with an emphasis on craftsmanship and sustainability, ensuring you receive a special and thought-through piece of work.

I’m incredibly excited about launching Finer Space. I’d like to extend a big heartfelt thank you from all of us for joining us from the outset, and we can’t wait to deliver you some exceptional artworks.

The Artists

We are starting out with these four incredibly talented creatives. We’re mighty proud of what they do.

Douglas Hagger

Douglas uses photography to explore the process of creation, capturing static arrangements of commonly found objects in a way that allows us to newly appreciate their existence.

Harriet Wilson

Harriet is gifted with a wonderful drawing ability, creating harmonious pieces that depict beauty, in particular that of the flora and fauna of Australia.

Kathryn Camm

Kathryn cleverly uses embroidery and gouache to explore the more profound and honest experiences of women.

Maggie Given

Maggie uses her camera to capture the flow of time and the beauty of natural light and shadows, leading us to experience a deep sense of nostalgia for the quieter, simpler moments in life.

In depth stories of each artist will feature in subsequent John Dory issues.

Well now, that's helpful.

We’ve got some tips, tricks and advice on how to buy artwork you love, what will work well in your space, and how to hang and display your chosen works - check out the handy tips section.


We're doing our test launch just in time for Christmas! Order that delicious piece for you or a loved one before the crazy craziness of the Christmas period. What a time of year. We’ll close sales at midnight on the 6th of December to make sure you get your Christmas present in time, and reopen in the new year.

Where to from here?

You are the reason it’s possible for us to be here, so we want to make Finer Space as easy to access and enjoy as possible. We appreciate any suggestions or questions to help us smooth out any wrinkles and better adapt the way we do things to suit you.  

We’d also really love for you to become part of our community. The best way to do this will be through the John Dory, which will land in your inbox every 3-4 weeks. We’ll keep you updated with new artworks, artist’s stories, developments and collaborations. You are also most welcome to join us on Insta and Facebook for some eyeball fun. See you there!

Fiona Hagger